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Cricket Basics 
Field Placings
ICC rules and regulations

A video briefly describing some basic principles of cricket:

Reading resources:

 Cricket For Dummies - Book
Cricket for Dummies - Cheat Sheet 

Nova Scotia Cricket Association - All Stars Match
July 22, 2014

The first annual All-Stars T20 game will take place this Sunday - July 27, 2014 between- HCL Bluenosers and HCL Lobsters.

HCL Bluenosers
HCL Lobsters 
Anuraj Gupta (Blue) - Captain, 
Amit Joshi (Green), 
Anirudh Basu (Red), 
Arun Nag (Gold), 
Naga Satya Donavalli (Green), 
Sanjeev Tagra (Blue), 
Matt Lee (Gold) - WK, 
Neel Patel (Gold), 
Shailesh Kharol (Red), 
Vivek Reddy (Red), 
Hydeus Innocent (Red) 
Daksh Talwar (Green) - Captain, 
Anmol Zakhmi (Blue), 
Arslan Khan (Blue) - WK, 
Yash Gugle (Red), 
David Campbell (Gold), 
Muneeb Ahmedani (Red), 
Tyson Joyce (Gold), 
Savneet Arora (Green), 
Dinesh Gaddam (Red), 
Shreyas Dhond (Red), 
Tushar Sehgal (Blue) 

Atlantic T20 Tournament 2014 - NSCA Squad announced
July 09, 2014 (edited July 30, 2014)

Nova Scotia men's provincial squad selected for Atlantic T20 inter-provincial tournament in PEI, August 01-03, 2014.

The NSCA Squad (in no particular order):

01. Anuraj Gupta (capt),
02. Daksh Talwar (v.capt),
03. Arslan Khan (wk),
04. Amit Joshi,
05. Shreyas Dhond,
06. Anmol Zakhmi,
07. Neel Patel,
08. Arun Nag ,
09. Savneet Arora,
10. David Campbell,
11. Tushar Sehgal,
12. Vivek Reddy,
13. Muneeb Ahmedani,
14. Naga Satya Donavalli
15. Matt Lane (team manager)

Deonarine Cup 2014
June 06, 2014

Halifax Gold with the Deonarine Trophy

(L to R standing: Matt Webb, Matt Lee, David Campbell, Dhaval Vyas, Ravi Anghan, Richard MacMichael;
L to R sitting: Arun Nag, Matt Lane, Harsh Vakil, Pranav Agrawal, Harsh Patel, Neel Patel)

Halifax Gold are the winners of the 5th annual Deonarine Cup T20 tournament!

Halifax Cricket League 2014 - Teams
May 15, 2014

Welcome to summer season 2014!

Below are the team lists for our four Halifax Cricket League teams.
Stay tuned for full summer schedule, and details about the Deonarine Cup pre-season T20 tournament starting May 24/25.


 Tushar Sehgal (captain)
Yash Gugle
Matt Webb
Daksh Talwar
Arslan Khan
(team manager,
    Shreyas Dhond
Tyson Joyce
Savneet Arora
Anmol Zakhmi Shailesh Kharol
(team manager)

Richard MacMichael
(team manager)
 Sri Gorugantu
(team manager)
Anuraj Gupta
Dinesh Gaddam Arun Anupindi
 Amit Joshi
Dhwani Desai
Anirudh Basu David Campbell  Binod Sundararajan
Hamid Dhaduk
Ashish Jaggi Dhaval Vyas  Divit Talwar
Hamza Iqbal
Azhar Islam Harsh Patel Dwaine Cooke 
Harman Cheema
Balraj Kharol Harsh Vakil Shashank Kamble 
Jagdeep Munday Huzefa Hussain Jordan Lambis  Jahnu Baruah
Jay Vyas Hydeus Innocent Matt Gove  Kashif Kashif
Manoj Hariharan Miguel Emilien Matt Lane Mohan Pal 
Maunee Desai Muneeb Ahmedani Matt Lee  Raj Sudharsan
Punkit Mehta Phani Nanduri Neel Patel  Rohan Rajpal
Rehan Baig Santosh Vema
Pranav Agarwal  Naga Satya Donavalli
Sanjeev Tagra Syed Azhar Ali Ravi Anghan  Bhanu Bhadwal
Sharique Khan Tapan Katwala Rutvik Parmar Usmaan Hassan 
Yaeesh Sardiwalla Vikram Singh Steve DeLisle Vishruth Harish 
Aminul Islam
Vivek Reddy Vishal Menon -
- -

Halifax Kids Summer Program - Registration Details
May 01, 2014

We are glad to announce that our exciting new Cricket Canada Kids project is about to launch, and as part of this we now have details for the weekly Halifax Summer Kids Program now that a field and time has been secured in HRM.

Kids cricket sessions will take place outdoors every Saturday morning at Fairview Junior High School field (weather permitting) from 9 am - 11 am starting May 31, and will run through until September. 

Open to girls and boys of all ages. Sessions will include learning and practicing batting, bowling and fielding skills and playing fun and engaging modified cricket matches. Your child will play using kidsafe introductory cricket equipment all under the supervision of our coaches.

Registration Day:

Place: Bloomfield Recreation Centre
Date: Saturday, May 10th
Time: 10 am til 12 noon
Fee: $40.00 per child

We hope you and your family can join us for a super summer of cricket in Halifax!

Cricket Canada - Annual General Meeting 2014
April 18, 2014

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Cricket Canada was held on Saturday, April 4th, 2014 at the Sport Alliance Building in Toronto, Ontario.

Amit Joshi, the Provincial Director for Nova Scotia Cricket Association got elected as the Vice-President of Cricket Canada in their 2014 AGM.
Join us in congratulating Amit Joshi for being elected at this post.

The following are the results of the Election of Officers:

President: Vimal Hardat                       
Vice President: Amit Joshi
Secretary – Zafar Khan
Treasurer – Charles Pais
Directors at Large – Senthil Selvamani, Hargulshan (Mike) Sharma, Mukesh Narula

(L to R): Cricket Canada President - Vimal along with Cricket Canada Vice-President Amit

To read more about Cricket Canada AGM 2014, click here.

Note: Information and media taken from the Cricket Canada Newswire.

Halifax Cricket League 2014 - Practice Sessions and Registrations
April 18, 2014

Practice Sessions

Fully equipped pre-season practice net sessions for the summer outdoor season are going on every Saturday. This is a perfect time to hone your cricketing skills. These indoor pre-season sessions are a great way to get yourself that much needed batting and bowling ahead of the outdoor summer season.

Location: Bloomfield Recreation Center, 2786 Agricola Street, Halifax
Time: 1:15 pm - 4:15 pm


If you have missed our Registration Day, not to worry! Registrations are still accepted during above-mentioned practice sessions. Please find Matt Lane, Jay Vyas or any of the NSCA Board Members during the Practice Sessions and register yourself for HCL 2014.

Halifax Cricket League 2014 - Registrations
March 27, 2014

1. Registration Day

Date: Saturday, March 29th.
Location: Bloomfield Recreation Center, 2786 Agricola Street, Halifax
Time: 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Note: Registrations will take place in one of the community rooms until 1:15 pm, before moving onto the stage area in the gymnasium during practice (see further below).


This year we are offering the first 50 members to sign-up a chance to win a few prizes!!! A draw will take place at start of the season:

1st Prize - FREE membership (Get your cash back!)
2nd Prize - Clothing - Provided by Cricket Canada
3rd Prize - Apparel - Provided by Investors Group

2. Membership Fees 2014

Employed Full-time - $200.00
Students/Unemployed - $100.00  (MUST present Student ID card, or proof of status, to receive the 50% discounted membership rate)

Please Note:
We want to once again stress the importance of players getting down to Registration Day and signing up. Since the sooner the NSCA knows how many players to accommodate in the Halifax Cricket League, the better preparation and planning the NSCA can put into the season and make it as good a summer of cricket as possible. If no-one signs up day 1, we have no league and we have no season - so the support of everyone on this is much appreciated.

Registering to be a member guarantees you a place on a squad in the Halifax Cricket League. As with last year, the HCL season schedule features competitions which offer both Twenty20 and 40-over cricket matches which are played on Saturday or Sunday afternoons at the Halifax Commons. If you happen to work on either a Sat or Sun in summer, your team manager can roster you for only days you can play with the team. The HCL season runs from beginning of June through until October. 

We greatly encourage members to pay membership fees in full at time of registration. Otherwise please pay a minimum 25% deposit and let us know on registration day when you intend to make installment payments before season starts, we are open to a plan that suits your situation. However, ALL players must be paid up 100% of your registration fee before being included on a team roster and being allowed to play any matches in the league.

If you cannot make it on March 29th, there will be opportunities to register for the season at following week's practice sessions.

3. Pre-Season Practice

From Saturday March 29th, through to end of May, fully equipped pre-season practice net sessions for the summer outdoor season will take place and ALL are invited to hone their skills.

Location: Bloomfield Recreation Center, Gymnasium, 2786 Agricola Street, Halifax.
Time: Saturdays, 1:15 pm - 4:15 pm

Bring along your own gear, or use the provided NSCA equipment. These indoor pre-season sessions are a great way to get yourself that much needed batting and bowling ahead of the outdoor summer season.

All members old and new are welcome! Also note that the first session will take place same day as Registration Day (March 29th). So its a good idea to come down and register first at 12pm, then head to the gym ready for practice.

4. About the Halifax Cricket League

The structure of the league will be similar to last season. HCL will have 4 league teams at least, with members spread across each squad.

Season begins with the famous Deonarine Cup T20 tournament, followed by a regular season which consists of a T20 League and 40-over League (ending in a playoff system for respective trophies).

Returning members wishing to express interest in transferring to a different team this season will be assessed by the NSCA board on a strict case-by-case basis in the interest of maintaining a healthy balanced competition. New members can also opt for a preferred team when signing up.

Team captains and managers will be confirmed and announced sometime in mid-May, around the same time the league team squads will be finalized by the NSCA and announced to all registered players. Thus new members will find out which team they are allocated to.

Halifax Indoor Cricket League 2013-14 - Champions
March 16, 2014

Team 'Gunners' are the new NSCA Indoor Champions! Teams 'Gunners' and 'Renegades' went head-to-head for the Halifax Indoor Cricket League 2014 Championship yesterday (Saturday March 15, 2014) in what turned out to be an exciting finals here in Bloomfield Recreational Center, Halifax.

In the 3-match finals, the first match was won easily by Gunners and Renegades won the second one quite easily as well. The last match was a thriller as both the teams fought till the very last ball for the championship and eventually, Gunners clenched the NSCA Indoor Champions title for 2013-14.

Shreyas Dhond (Team Gunners) was adjudged MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the NSCA Indoor League 2013-14 Finals for his performance which helped Gunners take the title.

Team Gunners - NSCA Indoor League Champions 2013-14
(L to R Standing: Vivek Reddy, SatyaPrasad Donavalli, Yash Gugle, Dinesh Gaddam, Rakesh Thammareddy, Shailesh Kharol, Ashish Jaggi;
L to R Sitting: Shreyas Dhond, Anirudh Basu, Santosh Vema)

Team Renegades - Runners-up - NSCA Indoor League 2013-14
(L to R: Matt Webb, Tushar Sehgal, Ivaan van der Porten, Daksh Talwar, Anuraj Gupta, Raj, Amit Joshi)

 Shreyas Dhond - MVP for NSCA Indoor League Finals 2013-14

Halifax Indoor Cricket League 2013-14 - Finals
March 10, 2014

Teams 'Gunners' and 'Renegades' will go head to head in 'best of 3' Finals on March 15,2013 for the HCL Indoor 2014 Championship.
'Gunners' won all 3 matches in the playoffs to seal a spot in the finals along with 'Renegades' who won 2 out of 3 playoff games. Teams 'Ashke' and 'Tigers' fought hard for a spot in the finals but could not make it through this season.

The Finals, which would be best-of-3, would be played from 1.15 p.m. onwards at Bloomfield Recreational Center, Halifax, NS.

Please visit our 'Results and Stats' page for detailed Points Table to know more about Indoor League standings. 

Please come and support your teams.

NSCA Community Coach Positions - Apply now!
February 28, 2014 (Edited on March 10, 2014)

Now taking applications for Community Coach Positions with the Cricket Canada Kids project in Nova Scotia. Please see attachment for job description and criteria. If any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@novascotiacricket.com or novascotiacricket@gmail.com

Edit: The deadline for Community Coach position applications has been extended to end of day Tuesday (11th).

Cricket Canada Kids Development Project - Media Release
February 26, 2014

If you have not yet heard the crack of willow on leather in communities around Nova Scotia, it may not be long before you do. Over the next four years, the Nova Scotia Cricket Association is set to receive a substantial funding boost towards its efforts to develop the sport amongst young Nova Scotians. This opportunity comes thanks to a nationwide development grant opportunity provided by Cricket Canada, under the auspices of the Americas division of the International Cricket Council (ICC Americas). Over the cycle of the grant, the NSCA stands to gain more than $50,000.00 through the Cricket Canada Kids Project Assistance Fund. This money will be put toward the development of young cricketers and establishing a broader base of support for cricket.

“We’re pretty stoked by the news our application was successful” says Matt Lane, President of the NSCA. “This grant is a massive opportunity for us and it really allows us to get more development personnel out schools and communities and share our passion for the game. We want to grow the sport from the grassroots and that starts by getting kids and their parents interested and fully engaged. Given the right exposure and environment to learn skills and enjoy the sport over a period of time, whether in school workshops and physical education classes, or in programs outside of school, cricket is a sport that’s easy to fall in love with”.

Photo source: Annapolis County Cricket Club FB Page

The Cricket Canada Kids Project Assistance Fund will provide the NSCA with funding over the course of a four year cycle. The funds will be used to implement a strategy aimed at getting more school kids playing the sport and providing pathways for the introduction and sustainability of junior cricket programs, teams and competitions in the future. The NSCA’s application was selected as the leading candidate from entries received from Cricket associations across the country.

Simon Bonnington, President of the newly formed Annapolis County Cricket Club, also foresees the benefit of the Cricket Canada Kids Project in the Annapolis Valley region of the province "I'm delighted that these funds are being made available to foster physical recreation for the youth of the province. It provides us with the opportunity rekindle Canadian interest in one of the world's most popular team sports at a grassroots level, and at the same time to further promote healthy sporting activities for our children and young people, with all the attendant benefits that brings."

Once their planning is complete, the NSCA will be hiring community coaches who will oversee the development programming. If you or your family are interested in becoming involved with the sport of cricket, please contact info@novascotiacricket.com.

Established in 1965, the Nova Scotia Cricket Association is the governing body of Cricket in Nova Scotia and an affiliate of Cricket Canada and Sport Nova Scotia. The NSCA is responsible for the promotion and development of the sport of cricket in the province, oversees recreational and competitive cricket in Halifax, and at senior men’s inter-provincial level (High Performance). 
The NSCA currently operates the men’s amateur Halifax Cricket League between May and October, and a recreational Indoor Cricket League during the winter in Halifax.

Nova Scotia Snow Cricket Championships 2014
January 30, 2014

The newly found Annapolis County Cricket Club are hosting the inaugural Nova Scotia Snow Cricket Championship at the Annapolis West Education Centre field on February 15, 2014.

(Image taken from an article written by Ryan Scranton)

For more details, please click here.
For more information on the Annapolis County Cricket Club, please click here.

Seasons Greetings To All!
Wishing Everyone A Happy, Safe and Successful New Year in 2014!

Nova Scotia Cricket Association - Annual General Meeting 2013
November 30, 2013

NSCA successfully held its Annual General Meeting on November 30, 2013 where the members and the board got together to do a brief rundown of all the events that took place in the 2012-13 cricketing season. NSCA also held its board elections for the upcoming 2013-14 season. 

Following are the board members elected to represent Nova Scotia Cricket Association for the year 2013-14: 

Amit Joshi
Matt Lane
Tushar Sehgal
Yash Gugle
Anuraj Gupta
Jay Vyas
Sri Krishna Gorugantu
Arslan Khan
Bhan Deonarine (Honorary board member)

Congratulations to the new board!

Nova Scotia Cricket Association - Indoor League 2013-14 - Teams
November 07, 2013

Gunners Ashke  Tigers IBM Supers
Santosh Vema (c) Sanjeev Tagra (c) Arslan Khan (c) Jai Korpal (c)
Anirudh Basu
Harman Cheema  Muneeb Ahmedani Neer Pushp Singh
Ashish Jaggi  Jagdeep Munday Hamza Iqbal Faisal Bhatti
Dinesh Gaddam  Savneet Arora Hamza Haneef Pramood
Rakesh Thammareddy  Tapan Katwala Rehan Baig Dilip Bhaskar
Satya Prasad  Neel Patel Sharique Khan Ravinder Sidhu
Shailesh Kharol  Dhaval Vyas Sibte Raza Randy Singh
Shreyas Dhond  Mohan Pal Mohammad Naser Gaurav Kalra
Vivek Reddy  TBD  Ali Daniyal  Abhishek Kumar
Yash Gugle  TBD  Razi Mahmood TBD 
DAL Smashers Renegades  Strikers
Harsh Patel (c) Daksh Talwar (c) Dhwani Desai
Pranav Agarwal Divit Talwar  Kingsley Gonsalves
Parth Patel Tushar Sehgal Dwaine Cooke

Harsh Shah Raj   Roshan Mehta
Jeet Gor Anuraj Gupta  Nilesh Mandal

Akash Soni Amit Joshi  Dan Malone
Kaushal Shah Jay Vyas  Ashwin Srinivasan
Harsh Vakil Shiv Sadhu  Visruth Harish
Matt Lee Matt Webb  TBD   
Priyank Trivedi  Hari  TBD  

NSCA Halifax Cricket League 2013 - 40-Over Championship - Finals
October 13, 2013

HFX-Red are the champions for the NSCA HCL 40-Over Championship 2013. HFX-Red defeated HFX-Blue in the finals to grab the title of 2013 40-Over Champions here in Halifax, NS on October 06, 2013. 

HFX-Blue, batting first, put up a score of 168/9 in their 40 overs, thanks to some good batting by Anuraj Gupta and Tushar Sehgal, who top scored for HFX-Blue. Muneeb Ahmedani and Shailesh Kharol took wickets at regular intervals for HFX-Red ensuring HFX-Blue to not reach a huge score.

In reply, HFX-Red started strong with their opener Anirudh Basu settling in and seeing off majority of HFX-Blue's top bowlers at the start. He got very good support from Santosh Vema and Shreyas Dhond at the other side, and the HFX-Red batsmen were making sure that they chase the total in partnerships and not lose wickets. At the end, Yash Gugle, who top scored 49 in the chase, built the platform later in the innings and HFX-Red chased down the target in the 38th over. Yash Gugle was named Man of the Match for his contributions.

Congratulations HFX-Red- the 2013 40-Over Champions!


40-over League, Final, Oct 6, Halifax Blue vs Halifax Red
Blue 168/9 (40.0 overs): Anuraj Gupta 53, Tushar Sehgal 30, Muneeb Ahmedani 4-15, Shailesh Kharol 2-24
Red 171/7 (38.2 overs): Yash Gugle 49, Anirudh Basu 44, Anmol Zakhmi 3-13, Jay Vyas 1-10
Result: Halifax Red won by 3 wickets
Man of the Match: Yash Gugle

Team HFX-Red with the winning scorecard and the championship cup

NSCA Halifax Cricket League 2013 - T20 Championship - Finals
September 28, 2013

HFX-Blue are the champions for the NSCA HCL T20 Championship 2013. HFX-Blue defeated HFX-Red in the finals to grab the title of 2013 T20 Champions here in Halifax, NS on September 15, 2013. 

HFX-Red, batting first, put up a score of 93 in their 20 overs, thanks to some good batting by Dinesh Gaddam and Santosh Vema, who top scored for HFX-Red. Hari Raghuraman and Sanjeev Tagra took half of HFX-Red's wickets at regular intervals and made sure HFX-Red do not score more than 100 in their allotted overs.

In reply, HFX-Blue achieved the target of 94 in just 12 overs. Simranjit Singh and Anuraj Gupta
were the main contributors in HFX-Blue's innings, scoring 48* and 39* respectively, who also shared the Man of the Match award.

Congratulations HFX-Blue - the 2013 T20 Champions!


Twenty20 League, Final, Sep 15, Halifax Blue vs Halifax Red
Red 93/7 (20.0 overs): Dinesh Gaddam 28, Santosh Vema 16, Hari Raghuraman 3/12, Sanjeev Tagra 2/11
Blue 94/1 (12.0 overs): Simranjit Singh 48*, Anuraj Gupta 39*, Vivek Reddy 1/21
Result: Halifax Blue won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: Anuraj Gupta & Simranjit Singh

Nova Scotia - 2013 Maritimes 40-Over Champions!
September 23, 2013

Nova Scotia have defeated their arch rivals New Brunswick in the last round-robin match of the 2013 Maritime 40-0ver Championship in Fredericton on September 21, 2013 to retain the 2013 Maritime 40-0ver trophy.
Congratulations Nova Scotia! 

The team that toured New Brunswick on September 21, 2013 is as follows:

1. Hari Raghuraman (Captain) 
2. Amit Joshi 
3. Arslan Khan (Wicket Keeper)
4. Anmol Zakhmi
5. Daksh Talwar
6. Matt Lane
7. Mohan Pal
8. Sanjeev Tagra
9. Savneet Arora
10. Simranjeet Singh
11. Tushar Sehgal

Nova Scotia has now won all the competitive leagues it has participated in for second consecutive year! Congratulations and a big thank you to the Nova Scotia team, all the board members, all the volunteers and all the supporters who have supported cricket in Nova Scotia!  

Nova Scotia Cricket Association - All Stars Match
September 13, 2013 (updated on September 14, 2013)

As contingency for the cancelled inter-provincial match on September 14, 2013, NSCA will instead be hosting its first Halifax Cricket League All-Stars game. Two evenly-selected teams (based on best performers in inter-provincial and HCL action this season) - HCL Bluenosers and HCL Lobsters - will take the park in a 40-over match.

HCL Bluenosers
HCL Lobsters 
Hari Raghuraman (Blue) - Captain, 
Amit Joshi (Green), 
Anirudh Basu (Red) - WK, 
David Campbell (Gold), 
Daksh Talwar (Gold), 
Dinesh Gaddam (Red), 
Mohan Pal (Green), 
Neel Patel (Gold), 
Shailesh Kharol (Red), 
Vivek Reddy (Red), 
Yash Gugle (Red) 
Matt Webb (Gold) - Captain, 
Anmol Zakhmi (Blue), 
Arslan Khan (Blue) - WK, 
Gowthaman Vijayan (Green), 
Miguel Emilien (Red), 
Muneeb Ahmedani (Red), 
Rehan Baig (Green), 
Savneet Arora (Green), 
Shailendra Rao (Green), 
Shreyas Dhond (Red), 
Simranjit Singh (Blue) 

Anuraj Gupta (Blue), 
Ivan Van Der Poorten (Green) - WK, 
Shiv Sadhu (Blue), 
Tushar Sehgal (Blue)

Update (as of September 14, 2013 - 9:00 AM):
HCL All-Stars game is cancelled due to city closure of sports fields today following the torrential rain of the past 24 hours.

Nova Scotia squad selected for the upcoming Maritimes 40-Over Championship match against PEI in Halifax, NS
September 10, 2013 (updated on September 13, 2013)

NSCA selectors have selected the following squad which will represent Nova Scotia for the upcoming Maritimes 40-Over Championship match against PEI on September 14, 2013 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1. Hari Raghuraman (Captain) 
2. Matt Webb (Vice Captain) 
3. Arslan Khan (Wicket Keeper)
4. Shreyas Dhond
5. David Campbell
6. Shailendra Rao
7. Yash Gugle
8. Vivek Reddy
9. Amit Joshi
10. Savneet Arora
11. Daksh Talwar

Congratulations and good luck to the squad.
Go Nova Scotia!

Update (as of September 13, 2013 - 6:00 PM): 
The inter-provincial M40 match between NS and PEI has been CANCELLED due to the severe storm activity preventing safe and timely travel for the PEI squad.
The associations have agreed to split the points.

Nova Scotia squad selected for the upcoming Maritimes 40-Over Championship match against PEI in Charlottetown, PEI
August 22, 2013

NSCA selectors have selected the following squad which will represent Nova Scotia for the upcoming Maritimes 40-Over Championship match against PEI on August 24, 2013.

1. Hari Raghuraman (Captain) 
2. Shreyas Dhond (Vice Captain) 
3. Arslan Khan (Wicket Keeper)
4. Shiv Sadhu
5. David Campbell
6. Shailendra Rao
7. Yash Gugle
8. Vivek Reddy
9. Amit Joshi
10. Tushar Sehgal
11. Daksh Talwar

Congratulations and good luck to the squad in Charlottetown, PEI.
Go Nova Scotia!

Cricket Cookout!
August 11, 2013

NSCA is happy to announce that coming Saturday we are having a special family day BBQ - It's the big "Cricket Cookout".

Date: Saturday, August 17th 2013
Time: 2-5 PM
Location: Halifax Commons, Corner of Cogswell Street and Robie Street, Halifax.

- Bring the kids along to play cricket in our demonstration area! Adults give it a try too!
- Prizes and Goodies to be won! 
- BBQ food and water/pop drinks will be available.
- Watch the men's Halifax Cricket League Twenty20 matches* on the cricket ground while enjoying the sunshine in the park.

Special thanks to Jay Vyas and Investors Group for their generous support of the NSCA and making this event happen.

See you all there! 
And tell your family and friends to come along and enjoy the occasion.

*Saturday is a double-header, with the first of the two men's league T20 match kicking off earlier at 12 noon.

Nova Scotia squad selected for the upcoming Maritimes 40-Over Championship match
July 23, 2013

NSCA selectors have selected the following squad which will represent Nova Scotia for the upcoming Maritimes 40-Over Championship match against New Brunswick on July 27, 2013.

1. Hari Raghuraman (Captain) 
2. Matt Webb (Vice Captain) 
3. Arslan Khan (Wicket Keeper)
4. Shiv Sadhu
5. Amit Joshi
6. Shailendra Rao
7. Anmol Zakhmi
8. Vivek Reddy
9. Rehan Baig
10. Miguel Emilien
11. Shreyas Dhond

Congratulations and good luck to the squad in Fredericton, NB.
Go Nova Scotia!

Nova Scotia are Atlantic T20 Champions, again!
June 19, 2013

Our provincial team have returned from Montreal as back-to-back Champions of the Atlantic T20 Inter-Provincial Tournament!

Atlantic T20 3013 Nova Scotia squad
(L to R sitting - Vivek Reddy, Yash Gugle, Anuraj Gupta, Shreyas Dhond, Shiv Sadhu; L to R standing - Daksh Talwar, Amit Joshi, David Campbell, Tushar Sehgal, Hari Raghuraman, Anmol Zakhmi, Matt Webb, Matt Lee)

Following a very closely fought and well deserved victory against Newfoundland & Labrador, and convincing wins against both PEI and New Brunswick, the tournament came to a halt just after lunchtime on Sunday with drizzly showers gradually turning heavy and thus forcing abandonment of the remaining match against Quebec which was scheduled for mid-afternoon.

Despite the disappointment of the early close of play and not being able to take on Quebec in what would have been the showcase match of the tournament, our team went into the tournament extremely well prepared and looked every bit like Champions to all onlookers. The boys received high praise for both their professionalism and cricketing abilities throughout the weekend. Special thanks goes to Anuraj Gupta for all his hard work as Coach thus far this year.

We would like to give a BIG thanks to the tournament sponsors; Howzat Productions Ltd. and Titan GSG, as well as our Nova Scotia team sponsors; Investors Group (Jay Vyas 902-448-6181), Saini Synergy Inc. (Uniform Providers) and Jerry's Kwik Way (5465 Inglis St).

Final Standings:

NS - 7 pts - (3 wins, 1 nr)
QC - 6 pts - (2 wins, 2 nr)
NL - 5 pts - (2 wins, 1 loss, 1 nr)
NB - 2 pts - (1 win, 3 loss)
PEI - 0 pts - (4 loss)

Player Awards:

Man of the Match awards:

NS vs NL - Amit Joshi (NS)
NS vs PEI - Daksh Talwar (NS)
NS vs NB - Hari Raghuraman (NS)

Batsman of the Tournament: Hari Raghuraman (NS)
Bowler of the Tournament: Daksh Talwar (NS)
Tournament MVP: Hari Raghuraman (NS)

Atlantic T20 2013 tournament award winners
(L to R - Amit Joshi, Daksh Talwar, Hai Raghuraman)

The squad has done the NSCA proud again, and it is with great anticipation that we look forward to defending the title again next year!

Last but by no means least, Nova Scotia Cricket Association also appreciates and is grateful to Quebec Cricket Federation for playing excellent hosts in organizing the Atlantic T20 tournament 2013.

Atlantic T20 Tournament 2013
June 12, 2013

NSCA is proud to announce the Nova Scotia provincial squad for the Atlantic T20 tournament, going to be held in Montreal on June 14-16, 2013.

1. Harikrishnan Raghuraman (captain) 
2. Matt Webb (vice-captain)
3. Amit Joshi
4. Shreyas Dhond
5. Matt Lee (wk)
6. Shiv Sadhu
7. David Campbell
8. Anuraj Gupta
9. Daksh Talwar
10. Tushar Sehgal 
11. Vivek Reddy
12. Anmol Zakhmi 
13. Yash Gugle

Best of luck to the team as they aim to defend our Atlantic T20 title.
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Go Nova Scotia!

Halifax Cricket League 2013 - Teams
May 10, 2013

Tushar Sehgal (captain, team manager)  Matt Webb (captain
Amit Joshi (capt) Yash Gugle (captain) 
 Anmol Zakhmi Arpit Shah 
Akhil Angadi   Aditya Patel
 Anuraj Gupta Daksh Talwar 
 Arun Sivan  Anirudh Basu
Arslan Khan  David Campbell 
 Astad Canteenwala  Dinesh Gaddam (team manager)
Ashish Jaggi  Gibin Thomas
 Dhaval Joshi  Fahad Tabith
 Brian Eustache Harsh Patel 
Gowthaman Vijayan   Hiral Patel
Hamid Dhaduk  Harsh Vakil 
Ivan Van der Poorten   Hydeus Innocent
 Hamza Iqbal Kimberte William
 Mohan Pal  Miguel Emilien
 Harikrishnan Raghuraman Kunwardeep Singh   Naved Malim Muneeb Ahmedani 
Harman  Matt Gove
Nihar Bhatt  Rakesh Thammareddy 
Jay Vyas  Matt Lane 
Pranav Agarwal   Rob Butler
Manoj Hariharan  Matt Lee  Pratik Patel   Santosh Vema
 Maunee Desai Neel Patel  Rehan Baig   Shahedul Haque
Milan Thakkar   Parth Patel Rinto Francis   Shailesh Kharol
Salman Rashid   Richard MacMichael (team manager)  Rishadh Patel  Shreyas Dhond
Sanjeev Tagra  Saad Mahmood   Shailendra Rao (team manager)  Sibte Raza
Shiv Sadhu  Siva Raj  Simranjeet Singh   Tanuj Sharma
Simranjit Singh   Steve DeLisle  Sumit Gaur  Tapan Katwala
 Vipin Isaac Tyson Joyce  Yash Patel  Vivek Reddy 

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