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2019 HCL Schedule Released

Nova Scotia Cricket Association Admin

2019 HCL Schedule Released

The Nova Scotia Cricket Association (NSCA) and Halifax Cricket League (HCL) Sub-committee is pleased to unveil the schedule for the 2019 HCL season, having received confirmation of ground bookings from the HRM yesterday.
The schedule is similar in structure to 2018, with 2 divisions of 4 teams each. Division 1 retains a mix of twelve T20 (12) and three 40 over matches, while Division 2 sees an increase from ten to twelve T20 matches after a successful introduction in 2018. After the conclusion of the season, the 2nd and 3rd placed teams in each division will play a semi final, with the winner to play the 1st placed team in a Final (Division 2) and 3 game Finals Series (Division 1).
The annual Deonarine Cup, held in honour of the late Bhan Deonarine who was an instrumental figure in Nova Scotia cricket for many decades, retains its traditional spot on the calendar on the 2nd weekend of June.
Of course, the biggest difference to the 2019 schedule are the participants - the four former HCL teams have been replaced by four brand new independent clubs, and we look forward to seeing these new entities start their journeys on May 25.

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