Disclaimer Letter to Players of NSCA (2020)
Disclaimer Letter to Players of NSCA (2020)
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Nova Scotia Cricket Association
Dated: June 22, 2020 

Sub: Summer Cricket league of 2020 and COVID-19  

Dear Players,

This notice is addressed to everybody who is a member and associated with Nova Scotia
Cricket Association (NSCA). As we have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel
and the number of COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia continues to drop, the NSCA has
decided to resume the summer league from June 27. However, before starting the league,
we need players to be well aware and appreciate both general government guidelines
and return to play protocols as drafted by the association. The “Return to Play Protocol”
(“Protocol”) is attached to this letter and a copy of the general government COVID-19
guidelines (“Guidelines”).

The NSCA also wants its players/members to know that anyone found violating the said
Protocols and Guidelines would not be allowed to participate and play in the league.
Further, the player/member in violation of both Protocols and Guidelines will be solely
responsible for his injuries and virus infection. The players/members who receive this
letter along with Protocols and Guidelines agree to participate/ play in the summer
league 2020 deems to waive his right to hold NSCA responsible for his injury and COVID-
19 infection. Neither NSCA nor its chair, along with the executive committee are liable
for any such injury and COVID-19 infection caused during any of the matches of the
summer league.

Below, NSCA highlights some of the Protocols and Guidelines. Please note that the
following list is not exhaustive, and the Protocols and Guidelines need to have complied
  1. Maintain social distancing as much as it is possible to do so.
  2. Every player must have a sanitizer and regularly sanitization of hands, playing equipment and the ball.
  3. No saliva on the ball.
  4. Limit physical contact with other players.
  5. No sharing of jerseys and other playing equipment.
  6. No unwanted meetings (hangouts) before or after the game.
  7. Keep committee and association informed about any contact with COVID-19 patient or somebody who has the symptoms (fever, cough, respiratory issues, etc.).
  8. Keep committee and association informed if the player/member develops any symptoms of COVID-19.
We are observing the situation very closely, and no decision is/will be taken lightly. We
strongly believe that with cooperation between the players/members and the executive
committee of the NSCA, we will successfully commence and complete this playing

We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Yours very truly,
Amit Joshi
Nova Scotia Cricket Association.